lore. 1999.
from brasil/rj.
she/her. bisexual.
scorpio sun, sagittarius rising, virgo moon. isfj-t.

about me

⋆ my dream is become a psychologist.

⋆ my favorite music genre is kpop.

⋆ i love dance, but i'm not confident :(

kdramas and animes are my favorite things for relaxing time.

piano is my passion and one day i will learn how to play it.

⋆ i really love astrology and how we know more about people with it.

⋆ i love observing people, capturing the simple and mysterious details of everyone.

⋆ i love mystery, theories about anything, i like the unknown.

⋆ i love the sky, especially the night sky, makes me feel like nothing is impossible.

rainbows are my favorite thing in nature.

⋆ sometimes i'm really softcore with cute, pastel stuff, etc and other times i'm really in gothcore mood with black and dark decorations and clothes, etc.

⋆ i'm super organized. if something is messy i don't feel good.

⋆ i'm really needy sometimes, i love intensely, i always want cuddles, hold hands...

⋆ i talk A LOT when i'm comfortable.

before you follow

⋆ sometimes i like to talk a LOT about my favorite things, so if you think it's annoying please just soft block me.

⋆ i love to talk about theories of any kpop group concepts, if you don't like theory people soft block me.

⋆ i tend to be negative and talk self depreciative things, i'm trying to be better everyday so i'm sorry.

don't follow me if you're a hater (esp. nct, wayv, the boyz)

⋆ i don't like fanwars and i'm a ot21 because i stan everyone.

⋆ i also don't like when people talk bad things about the concepts and music of the groups i stan.

⋆ please don't follow me if you have any kind of prejudice, discrimination, if you're radfem.

⋆ please, if it's possible put tw in tweets about anxiety, depression, suicide.

⋆ lee donghyuck. 000606. gemini

⋆ sun, sunflowers, warmth, happiness, bright, summer time, freedom

    ⋆ johnny suh. 950209. aquarius

    ⋆ bears, hugs, smiles, coffee, autumn mornings, party time

      ⋆ mark lee. 990802. leo

      ⋆ watermelons, guitars, laughs, power, comfy feelings, evenings, love songs

        ⋆ huang xuxi. 990125. aquarius

        ⋆ love, positivity, joy, cuteness, beauty, summer love, boyfriend material

          ⋆ ji changmin. 981105. scorpio

          ⋆ squirrels, dimples, terror movies, neck, dance, dates, spring time