lore. nineteen.
from brazil. she/her.
scorpio sun, sagittarius rising, virgo moon. isfj-t. ravenclaw.

lore's manual

⋆ my dream is become a psychologist.

⋆ my favorite music genre is kpop.

⋆ i love dance, but i'm not confident :(

kdramas and animes are my favorite things for relaxing time.

piano is my passion and one day i will learn how to play it.

⋆ i really love astrology and how we know more about people with it.

⋆ i love observing people, capturing the simple and mysterious details of everyone.

⋆ i love mystery, theories about anything, i like the unknown.

⋆ i love the sky, especially the night sky, makes me feel like nothing is impossible.

rainbows are my favorite thing in nature.

pastel colors are my favorites! especially pink.

⋆ i'm super organized. if something is messing i don't feel good.

⋆ i'm super duper romantic, i like cliches, chocolate and flowers, cuddles, hold hands...

⋆ i talk A LOT when i'm comfortable.

my happiness

lee donghyuck from nct.
ji changmin from the boyz.
yoon sanha from astro.

my angels

johnny seo from nct.
huang xuxi from nct.
hirai momo from twice.
yoo seonho soloist.
lee hoseok from monsta x.
kang daniel from wanna one.

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